Beady Eyes

davYesterday, I was tasked to create a series of necklaces to match the line that we will launch this Saturday in District on the 53rd featuring the creativity of Kate Anzani, a trendsetting mogul, and workmanship of my mother, Jojo Martinez. (I will feature this event in a future blog.)

Entering the creative hub for these accessories, the colors overwhelmed my always-wear-black-and/or-gray mind. Going through all of them puzzled me. How on earth am I ever going to create something from all this?

davLater on, as I appreciated just how many hues and saturations there are in the array of beads laid out before me, I started to slowly pick one after another – even contrasting colors that in my mind worked. Even the various shapes that stirred excitement as I tried to see how they would look with the line that will be released this Saturday. (The finished products will also be featured in a future blog.) Two hours, later, I actually designed close to twenty pieces!


Thankfully, I didn’t have assemble my designs myself. There were kind ladies, who have been in this business for more than a decade, that executed my vision. Because if I had to work with all those tiny thingamajigs for assembly, I would tear my hair out.




Hopefully, my creations will make the people who will drop by smile as they did me when I made them. Fingers crossed!


This service will later on be available to all who want to make their own accessories but have no idea where to begin. (Watch out for a feature.)


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