The Pyramid, Cebu

Of course getting there was awesome! Seeing the unique architectural features will impress the majority, and it did impress me.

We were ushered to our seats and immediately I wanted to take a tour with my friend. I could not contain my excitement as I clicked away and tried to capture the angles and unique light display of the place to the embarrassment of my dear friend.

Then we went back to our seats and glanced at our food choices for the night. of . My first choice was Aglio Olio, of course… 

“Not available, ma’am”. 

Okay, the crispy pata… 

“Not available ma’am” no (

Much to our great disappointment, this cycle went on and on. Slowly the ambiance darkened. The white walls and sparkly lights somehow lost their luster.

Please improve on this, Pyramid. Maybe create smaller menus for what is available for the night so diners are not left with their absolute last choice. The food was good though, but the service was not. Thankfully, though it was slooow, the servers were nice and amiable.

The words that Tom Colicchio once said in Top Chef that diners return mostly because of a good experience echoed true through my mind. Good food can never make up for bad service.

To add an exclamation point to this Pyramid experience, when it was time to leave, we saw crispy pata being brought to the table next to us.

Didn’t you say you didn’t have that?



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