Ironically, a line outside a restaurant is actually a good sign, so seeing one at Sachi on a Friday night was actually a welcome sight.

I went with a cousin who had been there already, and she said the Tantanmen was acceptable. So I ordered it since in my head I’m a Tantanmen expert. Nothing has qualified me for this presumption… I just really like it and order it when I can. I also judge every sampling critically. #AsIf

The soup arrived and already the look of the base was a little unappealing. The “luster” or “gleam” -or whatever it is called- was not there so I was a little disappointed. But I still tried it and found it to be just as expected … Acceptable.

I would not say it’s the best as they claim, but it’s a quick fix to a ramen craving at a very reasonable price.

Plus, their tables have some historical info about the food they serve, and I will always consider any historically related writing a plus in any situation.

Overall, the dining experience at Sachi was satisfactory, and I would sincerely go back for more. 🙂


P.s. Their noodles are not bad at all. 🙂

Find this restaurant on Zomato | Sachi, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park


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