Art Mod Fair I – Gurkka and Art Nebula

We’re going to an ART FAIR!

Those words were enough to convince me to go and face the traffic-ridden streets of Manila to get myself to Megamall for the Art Mod Fair they were hosting last June 10, 2017.

Being from the island of Cebu where our definition of BIG is far from Manila’s idea of it. Megamall came at us like a giant! Thankfully though, black balloons caught our attention as these were being handed out in the entrance of the fair.

YES! We have finally arrived!

All my senses were perked up as we look through everything that was on display! I could not believe the creativity of the many Filipino artists featured in this fair! In the diversity of how we were created though, we are all attracted to different things, and these four were mine. (My picks will be published in two parts for easier and shorter reads.)


Ironically this is not a painter or illustrator but a wines and spirits dealer which offered free tasting. Yes, no judgment please, I start with this. *insert happy smile*

They offered samples of Teeling Irish Whiskey, which won the Spirit’s Masters Awards in 2016. I loved their single malt and the host was more than indulgent with my questions and desire to have more!

As if the whiskey was not enough, he brought out tequila! Honestly, guys, this was the best tequila I have ever had! At first I was hesitant to sample it because I didn’t want to do shots in the middle of a fair. But he casually said that this tequila was not meant to be taken as a shot and did not require a chaser. Huh? So alright, I gave the go and tried the Casa Noble Crystal and was blown away! True enough, I did not feel the need for a chaser and was able to enjoy the tequila without turning it into a shot.

So, Gurkka, I love you!

logo (1)

Art Nebula

Yes, I know this is not an artist AGAIN, but two words … ART SUPPLIES.

I went nuts here! They have everything from my long awaited Prima Watercolors to brushes which cater to different budgets.

However, it was not the abundance of supplies they had that really made me love their booth; it was the customer care. They set up this table in front of their booth which allowed everyone to test the materials- even the various papers! This for me was one of the best features of Art Nebula specially for me who is still in transition from beginner to intermediate. They were all so friendly, which makes me conclude that even if others offer the same products at the same prices, I would gravitate to the Art Nebula mainly because of the warmth of their service.

Oh, and days after my purchase, the familiar beep of my email resounded in my ear, and lo and behold, it was a message from Art Nebula thanking me for my recent purchase. Sweet!


P.S. My top three artists will be featured in a succeeding blog!


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