Art Mod II – The Artists

The following are the artists I found MOST interesting in the Art Mod Fair (refer to previous blog)

Michelline Syjuco

Image result for michelline syjuco

Her creativity blows my mind!

I thought this girl was a genius. Her metal works and that magic she brought with paint and the marine plywood was nothing short of fairy-tale to my eyes. I really thought it was just beautiful and elegant. There was nothing pretentious about it. In all its intricacies, I found her pieces to be quiet and simple – a feat that I find more difficult to achieve in this fast-paced world.

I seriously wish I could take one of her works home with me, but… the price. Oh well! If I had dubloons to spare, believe me, I would have left with a Syjuco haul.

Elaine Jose Bobadilla

I love creatures! I am always drawn to illustrations of new characters which display so much personality, so naturally, upon glancing at Elaine Jose Bobadilla’s works, I had to pick up a few of her greeting cards.

What I loved the most about her was the way she mixed several patterns together and yet it looks really cohesive. I love the expressions on her creature’s faces!


No doubt that I would spend the most money on this next booth cause ILLUSTRATIONS! Just look at them!!!

Maria Alissa Evangelista,
Maria Alissa Evangelista

Indeed, what a wonderful Philippines we live in now that supports local artists already. I still hail from a generation with very heavy colonial mentality so seeing all the progress in escaping those chains is really such a delight to my eyes. I hope for more!




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